About Us

Jeff Poel, M.S., President

Jeff has over 25 years’ experience as an environmental scientist, including 13 years as a government regulator. He has a Master’s of Science degree in Toxicology from Oregon State University, 1996, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology, 1983. He also holds a Certificate of Hazardous Materials Management from UC Irvine, 1986.

Jeff has worked in all four phases of the environmental profession, including industry, consulting, academic research, and government regulation. He led the implementation of the Certified Unified Program Agency in San Luis Obispo County from its inception in 1997. There he worked on development of regulations with CalEPA and the Department of Toxic Substances Control. In 2011, he left the environmental field and started his own company, Gonzo Bags Corp, where he developed and patented a dog proof odor eliminating bag, which has been used extensively in the cannabis industry. Gonzo Bags Corp have been reinvested in making his home and car solar powered.

With ECO, Jeff plans to become a leading voice in the drive to make growing cannabis and manufacturing products from the plant as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Our company will do this by marketing only products that are sourced from Clean Green Certified farms and growers and produced using USDA Organic Certified ingredients with minimal disposable packaging. Many of our producers are as yet small, mom and pop companies that hand make their cannabis products, and like us, they are concerned about keeping this tiny blue dot that we live on a healthy place for current and future generations.


Ray Markland, General Manager

Ray has spent the majority of his career in retail and personnel management as well as marketing and point of sale development. Ray has been involved in the organic foods industry for over eight years and has experience with helping to grow small brands and startups. He specializes in project management and sales strategies and understands the importance of relationships between buyers and manufactures. He currently supervises over 80 staff in a retail store. He will be overseeing our accounts management and sales team.