What is ECO?

ECO is the Ecological Cannabis Organization. We are a brokerage that deals exclusively in high quality, ecologically and sustainably produced cannabis and cannabis products. Our goal is to help all of the brands and manufacturers that we represent increase sales volume while distributing the highest quality products to dispensaries throughout California. We are based in Humboldt County and are excited and proud to represent the very best that the cannabis industry has to offer. If you are a producer, manufacturer, or a buyer for a dispensary, please contact purchasing department here:

ray@ecocann.org or (707) 845-6634

What is a broker?

A cannabis broker is a sales team that works for cannabis producers and manufacturers. ECO will have access to much greater sales opportunities than you will trying to sell your product yourself. We do more for you than simply negotiating sales. We will keep producers and manufacturers up-to-date with local market situations while providing valuable sales advice. Our team will help you maximize your profits by doing all the sales work and leaving you the time to do what you do best: manufacturing amazing cannabis products!

What are the benefits of using ECO?

For manufacturers: By choosing ECO, your business will save money. ECO has connections with local and statewide wholesalers and retailers. Imagine the time you will save by simply having your product in our catalog. Orders come in and you fill them. You don’t have to look for your customers – they come to you via ECO. Employing sales representatives can be expensive and time consuming – with ECO you only need one salesman to reach a huge audience. We are your sales force.

For dispensaries: If you are a dispensary, you do all of your shopping with ECO and don’t have to spend all day seeing sales people from different manufacturers. You have a large variety of quality products to choose from all in one place.

What are the costs of using ECO?

ECO’s services are based on commissions. We are paid a percentage of gross sales. If we fail to sell your product, we do not get paid. ECO charges a base fee of 15% commission, no matter how much labor we use to sell your products. When we meet with you, we will discuss the option of paying for additional broker services, such as promotional schemes and market/product research. For smaller, new brands without a market presence, we may require a one-time $1,000 payment upfront that will be deducted from future commission payments. This is to help pay for the additional labor used to launch your product.